The Castoriadis Reader

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Cornelius Castoriadis is presently Director of Studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He is a philosopher, social critic, professional economist, practicing psychoanalyst and one of Europe's foremost thinkers. " The Castoriadis Reader provides for the first time an overview of the author's work and encompasses every aspect of his thought.


Editora s Foreword. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. 1.a The Only Way to Find out If You Can Swim Is to Get into the Water.a An Introductiory Interview (1974). 2. Presentation of Socialisme ou Barbarie An Organ of Critique and Revolutionary Orienation (1949). 3. On the Content of Bureaucracy to the Idea of the Proletariata s Autonomy (1955). On the Content of Socialism, II (1957). 4. Recommencing the Revolution (1964). 5. Marxism and Revolutionary Theory (1964--65). Excerpts. Marxism: A Provisional Assessment. Theory and Revolutionary Project. 6. The Social Imaginary and the Institution (1975). Excerpt. The Social--Historical. 7. The Social Regime in Russia (1978). 8. From Ecology to Autonomy (1980). 9. The Crisis of Western Societies (1982). 10. The Greek Polis and the Creation of Democracy (1983). 11. The Logic of Magmas and the Question of Autonomy (1983). 12. Radical Imagination and the Social Instituting Imaginary (1994). 13. Culture in a Democratic Society (1994). 14. Psychoanalysis and Philosophy (1996). 15. Done and To Be Done (1989). Index.


David Ames Curtis is an independent translator and writer. He is based in Paris.


"The Castoriadis Reader, with representative extracts from almost fifty years of political and philosophical writing, reflects his long march from Marx back to Aristotle." Scott McLemmee, Lingua Franca "When so many pay superficial tribute to false prophets, how much better to pay serious attention to this true thinker." Nicolas Walter, New Statesman "For those unfamiliar with the thought of Castoriadis, reading his works for the first time is to encounter one of the most original and creative figures of the last half of the twentieth century." David Wallace, Topia
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