Shanghai Bride: Her Tumultuous Life's Journey to the West

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März 2005



This is the autobiography of a woman who grew up in 1930s' Shanghai. Her own suffering, endured as her country was torn apart, her education, family life and experiences of warlord-ism as well as the Japanese invasion are all included as is her journey to the US via London and Paris, where finally she was reunited with her children.


Christina Ching Tsao was born in Shanghai in 1915 to a prominent scholar-official family that traces its descent back to a Song dynasty poet. At 16 she was married to a brilliant lawyer more than twice her age. For over ten years, Christina Ching Tsao was a refugee, first because of the Japanese invasion and later as a result of the communist victory in China's civil war. In postwar Hong Kong, she single-handedly brought up her four children. While in Borneo, she obtained a master's degree in business administration. Christina Ching Tsao immigrated to the United States in 1965, where she became a successful businesswoman.

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