Religious Diversity and Social Change: American Cities, 1890 1906

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Februar 2004



Powerful forces of social change at the turn of the nineteenth century forced American churches and their members to confront, for the first time, the issue of religious toleration. Christiano analyzes the effects of mass immigration and urbanization on various communities. These upheavals required the established churches to either accept or repel a level of religious diversity unimagined by the architects of American liberty. By examining changes in church membership in the largest urban areas, integrating historical research from a number of disciplines with statistical analyses of the United States Census reports of 1890 and 1906, this cross-disciplinary study provides an empirical assessment of the cultural shifts that laid the foundations for the denominational system that prevails in America today.


List of tables and figures; Preface; 1. 'As slavery never did': American religion and the rise of the city; 2. 'Numbering Israel': United States census data on religion; 3. 'An infinite variety of religions': the meaning and measurement of religious diversity; 4. 'A motley of peoples and cultures': urban populations and religious diversity; 5. 'A new society': industrialization and religious diversity; 6. 'No fast friend to policy or religion': literacy and religious diversity; 7. 'God's Bible at the Devil's girdle': religious diversity and urban secularization; 8. 'If the religion of Rome becomes ours': religious diversity, subcultural conflict and denominational realignment; 9. 'Matters merely indifferent': religious diversity and American denominationalism' Appendixes; Notes; References; Index.


"...a fascinating work of historical sociology." Church History
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