The Hierarchy of States

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November 1989



Combining a detailed examination of theory with a full and up-to-date account of historical development, this study analyzes the nature of the international order--the hierarchical state system--and explores its potential for reform. The theoretical account is given tracing two traditions of thought in the writings of Kant and Rousseau, while the historical survey explores the evolution of international organizations since 1815, covering such aspects as concert diplomacy, alliance systems, international organizations, and such internal understandings as nuclear deterrence, crisis management, and sphere of influence. The Hierarchy of States succeeds and replaces Clark's Reform and Resistance in the International Order (CUP, 1980).


Preface; Introduction; Part I. The Ideology of International Orders: 1. Order and international relations; 2. International and world order; 3. Kant and the tradition of optimism; 4. Rousseau and the tradition of despair; Part II. The Practice of International Order: 5. Order and change in the international system, 1815-1990; 6. From balance to concert, 1815-1854; 7. Balance without concert, 1856-1914; 8. Concert without balance, 1918-1939; 9. From concert to balance, 1945-1990; Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'This is an erudite well-written work.' Adam M. Garfinkle, Orbis 'This book combines a discussion of theoretical perspectives on the nature of international relations with an examination of international history since 1815. Neither of these ventures entails entering new and unexplored territory, but even the most experienced students of the modern international system will find in Clark's work some original perceptions and some interpretations that deviate sufficiently from conventional wisdom to induce reconsideration.' Inis L. Claude, Jr, Political Science Quarterly
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Untertitel: Reform and Resistance in the International Order. 'Cambridge Studies in International Relations'. bibliography, index. Sprache: Englisch.
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