The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer

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August 1999



Written by soccer great and championship Stanford coach Bobby Clark, COACHING YOUTH SOCCER: THE BAFFLED PARENT'S GUIDE tells you how, starting at point zero, an uninitiated coach can meld kids into a team and help them enjoy one of the most rewarding experiences of their youth. (In the end, you may be the one who reaps the biggest reward, as you watch kids learn and grow in an experience they'll treasure for a lifetime.)


Foreword by Bob BradleyPreface: Fitba' is KingIntroduction1. Creating An Atmosphere of Good HabitsEstablishing Yourself as CoachDrills to Promote Good Habits on the FieldQuestions and Answers2. Before Hitting the Field: Soccer in a NutshellHow Many on a Team?Basic RulesModified Field Size and Rules3. Setting Up the SeasonGet Some HelpMeet the ParentsEstablish Your PoliciesUniforms and EquipmentQuestions and Answers4. Essential Skills--and How to Teach ThemThe FundamentalsGetting Started5. The PracticePreparation Is KeyFormat for Practice6. Sample PracticesBasic Beginning PracticeAdvanced Beginner PracticeIntermediate PracticeAdvanced Intermediate PracticeAdvanced PracticeQuestions and Answers7. Game TimeRules of the GameGame BasicsRunning the GameTaking StockQuestions and Answers8. Dealing with Parents and Gender IssuesThe Role of the ParentsAddressing Gender IssuesQuestions and Answers9. Games and DrillsWarm-UpBall HandlingPassing and ReceivingBall ControlShootingHeadingGoalkeepingAttacking and DefendingAppendixOfficial Soccer Field FeaturesReferee SignalsGlossaryResourcesIndexAbout the Author


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