Townshend-Smith on Discrimination Law: Text, Cases and Materials

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Februar 2004



Discrimination law covers gender,race and disability discrimination. This book covers all of these areas. It contains separate chapters on the social, political and philosophical aspects for those who require understanding of the background and theoretical basis of discrimination law. It also contains a section on procedural matters.


Part One - Social, Economic and Political Background; Part Two - Sources of Discrimination Law; Part Three - Discrimination Law; Part Four - Proceedual Matters.


Michael Connolly is Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Westminster.


Praise for the first edition; 'Extracts from the leading cases and from key writings on sociology and economics provide a rich and varied range of materials to help readers understand the legal framework and the social and economic impact of anti-discrimination legislation...As a student text, this work represents real value for money...Along with students and teachers of law this book will be relevant for those covering equality of treatment in disciplines related to management and industrial relations...recommended reading for students of social policy, politics and sociology. It should also be a useful reference for practitioners and others concerned with the provision of legal advice.' Vera Bermingham, The Law Teacher, Vol 33. 'As well as extracts from the key cases, the book, which is aimed at students and practitioners, includes extracts from the key works on the sociology and economics of discrimination.' Equal Opportunities Review, No. 82.
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