Science and Religion: Baden Powell and the Anglican Debate, 1800 1860

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Februar 2003



Science and Religion assesses the impact of social, political and intellectual change upon Anglican circles, with reference to Oxford University in the decades following the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars.


Preface; List of abbreviations; Part I. Biographical Introduction; 1. The Hackney Phalanx: a family network; 2. Baden Powell's early theological papers; 3. Baden Powell's reflections on science in the early 1820s; 4. Science and religion in the 1820s; 5. Rational Religion Examined; 6. Baden Powell between Oriel and Hackney; Part II. Baden Powell and the Noetic School; 7. The teaching of Richard Whately; 8. The collision; 9. Science and academic politics at Oxford: 1825-1835; 10. Science and revelation: 1826-1836; Part III. The New Synthesis and its Developments; 11. The methodology of science; 12. The Christian apologetic and the fallacies of natural theology; 13. Christian tolerance; 14. The parting of the ways: Baden Powell versus Richard Whately; Part IV. The Question of Species; 15. The French threat; 16. Species without Darwin; 17. Towards the Origin; 18. Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.
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