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This quick-reference guide to the sendmail program provides a complete overview of sendmail, from command-line switches to configuration commands, from options declarations to macro definitions, and from m4 features to debugging switches -- all packed into a convenient, carry-around booklet.
sendmail is the program that acts like a traffic cop in routing and delivering mail on UNIX-based networks -- it is a Mail Transport Agent (MTA), accepting mail from Mail User Agents (MUAs), mail users (humans), and other MTAs. Then, it delivers that mail to Mail Delivery Agents (MDAs) on the local machine, or transports that mail to another MTA on another machine. Although sendmail is used on almost every UNIX system, it's one of the last great uncharted territories -- and most difficult utilities to learn -- in UNIX system administration.
Designed as a companion volume to sendmail, 2nd Edition, this guide covers the latest version (V8.8) from the University of California, Berkeley, and has extensive cross-references to sections in the main volume. Both books are coauthored by Eric Allman, the creator of sendmail.


Preface V8.8 Specific Conventions Chapter 1 How to Run Alternative Names for sendmail Command-Line Switches Some Handy Debugging Switches Rule-Testing Mode (-bt) Commands Hints Chapter 2 The sendmail.cf File Overview Delivery Agent Equates Delivery Agent F= Flags Defined Macros Class Macros Options The Timeout Option Rule Sets Delivery Agent S= and R= The check_ Rule Sets Rules Wildcard Operators in the LHS Positional Operators in the RHS Other Operators in the RHS Operators that Return a Triple Conditional Operators Hints Chapter 3 Databases Support in Makefile Aliasing The ~/\.forward file :include: Files and Mailing Lists The makemap Program The K Command Classes Databases in Rules The User Database Hints Chapter 4 Configuring with m4 Special Local Parameters FEATURE Declarations MAILER Declarations Virtual User Tables Mailer Tables Hints Chapter 5 Additional Information Sources


Bryan Costales lives and writes in San Francisco, California. He has been active in system administration and software development for more than 20 years and has been writing articles and books about computer software for more than 25 years. His most notable books are "C from A to Z" (Prentice Hall), "Unix Communications" (Howard Sams), and "sendmail" (O'Reilly). In addition to technical books, he also writes fiction and hosts a free multimedia web site.
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