The Huguenots in England: Immigration and Settlement C.1550 1700

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Mai 2004



This is a much-revised version of Professor Cottret's acclaimed study of the Huguenot communities in England, first published in French by Aubier in 1985.


List of figures, maps and tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 'How to be an alien' reconsidered; The refuge in time and space; Part I. Exile and the Kingdom in the Century of the Reformation: 1. A founding episode: Edward VI's character, 1550; 2. The reign of Elizabeth: charity begins at home; Part II. Splendours and Misfortunes of the Seventeenth Century: 3. From religious loyalty to political exasperation: 1603-1642; 4. The Church and the body politic, 1642-1660: godly rebellion or lay reformation?; 5. The restoration: from consensus to division, c. 1660-1680; 6. The impact of massive immigration, c. 1680-1700; Part III. Stranger Communities and Minorities: 7. An alternative form of social life?; 8. Moral enforcement: the obligation of dignity; Conclusion; Towards a typology of minorities?; Documents; Afterword; Select bibliography; Index of names.
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