Targeting the Foreign Direct Investor

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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is one avenue for offering assistance to developing countries in their efforts to grow. Small countries typically have limited resources to direct toward investment attraction programs, so the ability to segment the market (of Multinational Corporations looking to invest) is a crucial skill. This book develops and employs an investment preference analysis model to give evidence that homogenous groups of investors can be identified. Once these groups are identified, their needs - specific preference requirements for laws, regulations, incentives, and general conditions - can be more efficiently addressed.


List of figures. List of tables. Abbreviations. Foreword; P.J. Buckley. Preface. I. Introduction. II. What's what: Definitions and theories: FDI, MNCs, international trade. III. Who sees what? Protagonists and their perceptions of FDI. IV. Who wants what? MNC strategic motivation / FDI attraction. V. Where to test? Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad-Tobago. VI. What's the route? Study methodology. VII. What to expect: the hypotheses. VIII. What works for whom? Study findings and interpretations. IX. Who said what? Comparison of findings with other researchers. X. What it all means: interpretations of findings. XI. And therefore: conclusions. XII. Policy recommendations. Appendix A: Foreign direct investment in Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago: postal interview replica. Bibliogaphy. Index.
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