Physics of Solar System Plasmas

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September 2004



Physics of Solar System Plasmas provides a comprehensive introduction to the plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamics that are needed to study the solar wind and magnetosphere. The text includes a broad introduction to plasma physics, including important discussions of kinetic theory, single particle motion, magnetohydrodynamics, geomagnetically trapped energetic particles and the physics of magnetic reconnection. This leads into a thorough description of the Sun and the solar wind, and, finally, the author addresses magnetospheric physics. Among the topics covered here are magnetospheric morphology, bow shocks, magnetospheric convection and electrical currents, substorms, ionospheric physics, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, auroral physics and the interaction of the solar wind with the planets. Problem sets at the end of each chapter make this a useful text for advanced undergraduate students in astrophysics, geophysics, or atmospheric sciences. Graduate students and researchers will also find it a valuable source of information.


1. Space physics; 2. Introduction to kinetic theory; 3. Single particle motion and geomagnetically trapped particles; 4. Magnetohydrodynamics; 5. Solar physics; 6. The solar wind; 7. The interaction of the solar wind, planets and other solar system bodies; 8. The magnetosphere; Appendix.


"This is a well-written introduction to the physics of the solar wind and planetary magnetospheres. Some diverse problems are provided at the end of each chapter. ...this is a good textbook for advanced undergraduate students. Graduate students and researchers will enjoy it as a nice introduction to these fascinating fields." Maarten van Aalst, Space Science Review
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