Photoshop 7 Professional Photographic Techniques

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Fully illustrated in color throughout, the text is organized into a series of examples that provides a comprehensive guide to image manipulation on Photoshop 7 -- everything from the glamour of magazine retouching, through restoration work to the nitty-gritty of color reproduction.


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Gavin Cromhout lives in Cape Town and by a string of coincidences and studies at the University of Cape Town, has done so all his life. Gavin has been a contributing author of nine books and works as a web developer (during breaks from playing Quake).
Vikas Shah is the Chairman and CEO of Ultima Group, a leading multi award winning design agency, established over seven years ago, with clients worldwide including Nike, DERA, London School of Economics, The BBC, Unilever, and the Queen's Golden Jubilee. He has also co-founded www.goRush.com, an exclusive digital arts gallery and www.Indonation.com, one of the UK's leading online magazines. As well as consulting at board level for many other firms on internet, design and pr/marketing, Vikas is an associate at the UK Institute of Management as well as winning a semi finalist position in the 2001 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards. He also regularly lectures at universities and schools, and features on the speaking circuit. Vikas also writes regularly for the likes of .net magazine. Vikas has over seven years experience in areas including photography, design and creative direction (web, print and mixed media), advertising, marketing and pr, authoring, management consultancy, project management, and infrastructure.
Janee Aronoff is an Indiana based Photoshop guru with a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing from Indiana University and a Masters in Secondary Mathematics Education from Indiana University. Married to Michael since 1982, Janee has enjoyed the good life with four cats and one dog. You can visit her website www.myjanee.com to view her current location by GPS - that's right, Janee is hooked up to a GPS system via the Web!
Nyree Costello has been a professional photographer for the past seven years. She originally trained as a photojournalist, working at an Ontario newspaper for two years prior to branching out. She incorporates her knowledge into her current endeavors by keeping something of a photojournalistic approach in all of her images. For the past five years Nyree has owed her own photography business - where the majority of her work is done for modeling agencies and wedding photography done in her off beat style. She also sells artistic pieces at private galleries and teaches photography at local arts centers to teens and adults looking to expand their creative knowledge. If this wasn't enough, Nyree contracts out her graphic/web design services to private companies and organizations. She became a skilled web designer after she baulked at professional offers to build her company site. Deciding she could do a better job, she took the plunge into the high-tech world. Nyree's photography experience works in a synergistic manner with her design skills making for some unique high-energy creations. www.photosbynyree.com

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