The Medical Enlightenment of the Eighteenth Century

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April 2004



A series of new essays on the development of medicine in the century of the Enlightenment, illustrating the decline in the role of religion in medical thinking, and the increased use of Reason.


List of illustrations; List of tables; Preface; Introduction; 1. The politics of medical improvement in early Hanoverian London Adrian Wilson; 2. Medicine to calm the mind: Boerhaave's medical system, and why it was adopted in Edinburgh Andrew Cunningham; 3. Georg Ernst Stahl's radical Pietist medicine and its influence on the German Enlightenment Johanna Geyer-Kordesch; 4. Sickness and the soul: Stahl, Hoffman and Sauvages on pathology Roger French; 5. Sauvages's nosology: medical enlightenment in Montpellier Julian Martin; 6. Honour and property: the structure of professional disputes in eighteenth-century English medicine David Harley; 7. Medicine, morality and the politics of Berkeley's tar-water Marina Benjamin; 8. North America, a western outpost of European medicine Helen Brock; 9. John Haygarth, smallpox and religious Dissent in eighteenth-century England Francis M. Lobo; 10 'Living in the light': dispensaries, philanthropy and medical reform in late-eighteenth-century London Robert Kilpatrick; 11. Measuring virtue: eudiometry, enlightenment and pneumatic medicine Simon Schaffer; Index.
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