Empire on the Nile: The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1898 1934

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Dezember 2003



This is the first comprehensive survey of the political and economic history of the Sudan from the establishment of the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium in 1898 until 1934. Based mainly on unpublished sources in the Sudan, Britain, and elsewhere, the book provides much information on important aspects of government and administration, Sudanese-British relations, early modern politics, and economic and social developments. It also analyses issues in Condominium history (such as indirect rule, the rise of neo-Mahdism, the crisis of 1924) in the light of previously unused archival material, offering insights and interpretations. Illustrated with contemporary photographs and including an extensive bibliography of unpublished sources, Empire on the Nile is essential background for an understanding of the social and economic issues confronting the Sudan today, and serves also as a case study in British imperial rule in Africa and the Middle East.


List of illustrations; Preface; Glossary; 1. The foundation of the Anglo-Egyptian condominium; 2. The governor-generalship of Sir Reginald; 3. Internal security, 1898-1914; 4. The Sudan and the First World War; 5. Economic developments, 1898-1919; 6. Education and health, 1898-1919; 7. The Sudan government's troubled adolescence, 1919-1924; 8. The governor-generalship of Sir Geoffrey Archer 1924-1926; 9. The governor-generalship of Sir John Maffey, 1926-1934; 10. Administration in the South Sudan; 11. Economic and social developments, 1920-1933; Conclusion; Abbreviations used in the notes, bibliography and tables; Tables; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
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