Ways of Doing: Students Explore Their Everyday and Classroom Processes

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Dezember 2003



Over 100 activities, requiring minimal preparation, designed to make students think, speak and write in English.


Introduction; 1; Everday process; 2; Language and learning processes; 3; Group processes; 4; The coursebook; 5; Ways of learning; 6; Correction; 7; Teacher to teacher; Bibliography; Index


'This book, as with other publications by these authors, is bound to become an invaluable resource for your staff bookshelves. Full of practical suggestions and ideas that have been tried in international language classrooms, it encourages the students to explore their everyday and classroom processes.' QUATESOL Newsletter, 1999 'Ways of Doing continues the tradition of instant recipe books, but with a very interesting twist: The Student is the Subject.' TEFL Farm November 99 'This is a very special little book, and if it has passed you by unnoticed I urge you to get your hands on a copy. It's packed with original and thought-provoking activities for the student and teacher alike. So if you have loved Five Minute Activities or Discussions That Work but have been looking for something new, which also puts the spotlight squarely on the learners, then Ways of Doing is the book for you.' TEFL Farm November 99 'Ways of Doing is a book that should be available in every TEFL library worthy of its name.' VVLE Newsletter, Belgium 'I definitely recommend this book to any teacher who believes each learner is a unique, whole person and who is interested in new ways of using English naturally and meaningfully in class.' English Teaching Professional Issue 17 October 2000
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