Quangos and Local Government: A Changing World

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Oktober 1996



There is now an appointed world of local governance sitting alongside elected government.
this publication seeks to develop understanding of the changing world of local governance and thus contribute to wider debates. The impact of these changes will continue to be felt for many years to come whoever is in government.


QUANGOs and local government - a changing world, Howard Davis; understanding the new magistracy - a study of characteristics and attitudes, Chris Skelcher, Howard Davis; business as usual? the new police authorities and the police and Magistrates' Courts Act, Barry Loveday; independence in Further Education - managing the change process, Jean C. Easton; public accountability in today's Health Service, Guy B.J. Daly; the indirectly elected world of local government, Steve Leach; lessons from local government in Northern Ireland, Michael Connolly; "working the network" - local authority strategies in the reticulated local state, David Prior.
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