Death, Mourning, and Burial

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November 2004



In "Death, Mourning, and Burial," an indispensable introduction to the anthropology of death, readers will find a rich selection of some of the finest ethnographic work on this fascinating topic.Comprised of six sections that mirror the social trajectory of death: conceptualizations of death; death and dying; uncommon death; grief and mourning; mortuary rituals; and remembrance and regenerationIncludes canonical readings as well as recent studies on topics such as organ donation and cannibalismDesigned for anyone concerned with issues of death and dying, as well as: violence, terrorism, war, state terror, organ theft, and mortuary ritualsServes as a text for anthropology classes, as well as providing a genuinely cross-cultural perspective to all those studying death and dying


Acknowledgments. Death and Anthropology: An Introduction: Antonius C. G. M. Robben. Part I: Conceptualizations of Death. 1. Magic, Science and Religion: Bronislaw Malinowski. 2. The Terror of Death: Ernest Becker. 3. Symbolic Immortality: Robert Jay Lifton and Eric Olson. 4. The Hour of Our Death: Philippe Aries. 5. How Others Die: Reflections on the Anthropology of Death: Johannes Fabian. Part II: Death and Dying. 6. Death Omens in a Breton Memorate: Ellen Badone. 7. The Meaning of Death in Northern Cheyenne Culture: Anne S. Straus. 8. Kinds of Death and the House: Maria Catedra. 9. Displacing Suffering: The Reconstruction of Death in North America and Japan: Margaret Lock. Part III: Uncommon Death. 10. Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande: E. E. Evans-Pritchard. 11. Burial Alive: Godfrey Lienhardt. 12. State Terror in the Netherworld: Disappearance and Reburial in Argentina: Antonius C. G. M. Robben. Part IV: Grief and Mourning. 13. The Andaman Islanders: A. R. Radcliffe-Brown. 14. Metaphors of Mediation in Greek Funeral Laments: Loring M. Danforth. 15. Grief and a Headhunter's Rage: Renato Rosaldo. 16. Death Without Weeping: Nancy Scheper-Hughes. Part V: Mortuary Rituals. 17. A Contribution to the Study of the Collective Representation of Death: Robert Hertz. 18. The Rites of Passage: Arnold van Gennep. 19. The Phase of Negated Death: Hikaru Suzuki. 20. 'Thus are our bodies, thus was our custom': Mortuary Cannibalism in an Amazonian Society: Beth A. Conklin. Part VI: Remembrance and Regeneration. 21. Sacrificial Death and the Necrophagous Ascetic: Jonathan Parry. 22. The 19th-Century Tlingit Potlatch: A New Perspective: Sergei Kan. 23. Dead Bodies Animate the Study of Politics: Katherine Verdery. Index.


Antonius C. G. M. Robben is Professor of Anthropology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and past President of the Netherlands Society of Anthropology. His recent books are Cultures under Siege: Collective Violence and Trauma (edited with Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, 2000) and Political Violence and Trauma in Argentina (2005).


"I enjoyed this volume immensely; Robben's due care in compiling it is evident throughout, and I have no doubt that it will become an invaluable collection, particularly for those interested in the anthropology of death, but also for others." (Anthropological Forum)
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