Shooting for Beginners

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This completely updated edition of "Shooting for Beginners" peels away the mystery of shooting. It introduces every aspect of the sport, guiding the reader into an understanding of game shooting, rough shooting, pigeon shooting, and wildfowling while explaining in clear and simple terms the fundamental rules of gun safety and the law related to shooting. The history of shooting and the development of the modern shotgun are dealt with in detail, as is the choice of gun, cartridges, clothing, and equipment. A book full of essential information designed to help every newcomer to the shooting field.


Graham Downing was brought up in Norfolk and has been a keen shot since the age of thirteen. He is closely involved in the sport from both a business and pleasure point-of-view. He is a regular contributor to The Shooting Times, The Field and also The Daily Telegraph. He is a shooting consultant to the British Field Sports Society and a council member of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. The author lives in Suffolk.
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