Helping Teachers Learn: Principal Leadership for Adult Growth and Development

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Helping Teachers Learn presents a model of principal leadership that applies adult learning principals to school-based leadership practices in support of teacher development. This book is grounded on years of research. These novel findings explain how principals can better understand their leadership practices and how to implement them effectively within their particular school contexts. A continuum of four critical initiatives to support teacher development and reflection is discussed throughout the book. A continuing professional development model that includes both developing teachers as well as an underlying self-development emphasis for the principal is addressed and applied to the adult learning and development professional model.


Susan Moore Johnson
About Professional Development
School Leadership
Organization of the Book
About the Author
1. Developing A New Model of School Leadership For Teacher Learning
The Study
Origins of This Work
A New Model of Learning-Oriented School Leadership
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
2. Constructive-Developmental Theory and Adult Development
About Transformational Learning
Kegan's Constructive-Developmental Theory
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
3. Principals as Climate Shapers
Lessons From Current Research
The Core Principles That Ground Leadership Approaches
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
4. The Impact of Financial Resources on Support for Teacher Learning
Challenges Posed by Limited Financial Resources
Creative Strategies for Coping with Limited Financial Resources
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
5. Teaming: Learning Opportunities for Individuals and Organizations
About Teaming
Why Principals Support Teaming
Examples of Principals' Use of Teaming
A Contextualized Case: A Cross-Functional Team of Teachers, Administrators, and Staff
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
6. Providing Leadership Roles: Opportunities for Leadership and Learning
About Leadership Roles
Why Principals Want to Provide Teachers With Leadership Roles
Examples of Providing Leadership Roles
A Case Study: Shared Leadership - Peter's Story
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
7. Collegial Inquiry: A Practice for Talking and Thinking About Practice
About Collegial Inquiry and Reflective Practice
What Principals Like About Collegial Inquiry
Examples of Principals' Use of Collegial Inquiry
Developmental Benefits of Collegial Inquiry
A Case: Using Collegial Inquiry in Collaborative Goal Setting and Evaluation
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
8. Mentoring: A Powerful Means of Facilitating Learning
About Mentoring
What Principals Like About Mentoring
Examples of Mentoring
A Case Study: An Exemplary Mentoring Program
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
9. Bringing It All Together: A Case of Learning-Oriented Leadership in Action
The Self-Study Evaluation
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
10. Leadership for Learning's Well-Spring: Self-Renewal through Reflective Practice
Principal Renewal: Rejuvenation Through Reflective Practice
Chapter Summary
Reflective Questions
11. Leading in the 21st Century: New Opportunities for Learning
Review of Challenges to a Climate Suppportive of Teacher Learning
Implications of the New Learning-Oriented Model of Leadership
Frequently Asked Questions
Stepping Forward: New Beginnings for Leaders of Transformational Learning


Ellie Drago-Severson is a Professor of Education Leadership and Adult Learning & Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University. As a developmental psychologist, her work is inspired by the idea that schools must be places where adults and children can grow. She is dedicated to creating the conditions to achieve this and to helping leaders and educators of all kinds to do the same on behalf of supporting adults and youth. Ellie's work builds bridges between research and practice by supporting teachers, principals, superintendents and other school and district leaders in their professional and personal development and growth. Ellie is author of four recent books: Becoming Adult Learners: Principles and Practices for Effective Development (Teachers College Press, 2004), Helping Teachers Learn: Principal Leadership for Adult Growth and Development (Corwin Press, 2004), Leading Adult Learning: Supporting Adult Development in our Schools (Corwin/Sage, 2009), and Helping Educators Grow: Practices and Strategies for Supporting Leadership Development (Harvard Education Press, 2012). Learning Forward (formerly The National Staff Development Council, NSDC) awarded the Outstanding Staff Development Book of the Year in 2004 to Helping Teachers Learn, and selected Leading Adult Learning as their book for the Fall 2009. Ellie teaches, conducts research and consults to leaders and organizations on professional and personal growth and learning, leadership that supports principal, faculty and school development, capacity building, leadership development, coaching, qualitative research, and mentoring K-12 schools, university contexts, and ABE/ESOL contexts. She is also an internationally certified developmental coach who works with principals, assistant principals, district leaders, and teachers to build internal capacity and achieve goals. She served as lead researcher on the Adult Development Team of the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) at Harvard University and as teacher, program designer, program director, and currently as consultant, and professional developer in a variety of educational contexts including K-12 schools, higher education, adult education centers, and ABE/ESOL programs (domestically and internationally). Her work explores the promise of practices that support adult development, leadership development, and capacity building, within schools, districts and across systems. Ellie's work has been recognized by and supported with awards from the Spencer Foundation, the Klingenstein Foundation, and Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) where she served as Lecturer on Education for eight years. While serving at Harvard, Ellie was awarded the 2005 Morningstar Award for Excellence in Teaching. Most recently, she received three outstanding teaching awards from Teachers College. She has earned degrees from Long Island University (BA) and Harvard University (EdM, EdD and Post-Doctoral Fellowship). Ellie grew up in the Bronx, New York and lives in New York City.


"Strategies and case studies combine to provide principals with a leadership model to help enhance teacher development."
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