Calcium, Oxygen Radicals and Cellular Damage

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September 2003



This volume records the proceedings of a meeting held by the Society for Experimental Biology that attempted to determine whether there are common mechanisms of cellular damage and to explore the ways in which calcium and oxygen radicals may interact to generate the damage.


1. Are there common biochemical pathways in cell damage and cell death? C. J. Duncan; 2. Free radicals in the pathogenesis of tissue damage M. J. Jackson; 3. Calcium and signal transduction in oxidative cell damage P. Nicotera, G. E. N. Kass, S. K. Duddy and S. Orrenius; 4. Regulation of neutrophil oxidant production S. W. Edwards; 5. Reperfusion arrhythmias: role of oxidant stress M. J. Shattock, H. Matsuura and D. J. Hearse; 6. Biochemical pathways that lead to the release of cytosolic proteins in the perfused rat heart C. J. Duncan; 7. Malignant hyperthermia: the roles of free radicals and calcium? J. R. Arthur and G. G. Duthie; 8. Free radicals, calcium and damage in dystrophic and normal skeletal muscle M. J. Jackson, A. McArdle and R. H. T. Edwards; 9. Ultrastructural changes in mitochondria during rapid damage triggered by calcium C. J. Duncan and N. Shamsadeen; 10. The importance of oxygen free radicals, iron and calcium in renal ischaemia J. D. Gower, L. A. Cotterill and C. J. Green; 11. The Rubicon Hypothesis: a quantal framework for understanding the molecular pathway of cell activation and injury A. K. Campbell.


"...I could hardly put this book down, I constantly refer to it and my own research has already benefitted from the knowledge and opinion contained within...I am sure you will find it a very useful reference text too; and also a very good read." J. Lunec, BSCB Newsletter "...a timely reminder of the much-needed research effort in this area." John M. C. Gutteridge, Quarterly Review of Biology
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