Portrait of a Man: Book of Poems

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September 2003



Portrait Of A Man
A Man is always what He feels inside;
His dignity and pride
Is what makes him Survive.
Portrait of a Man
The ways of a man are strong and bold;
With these essentials,
He's sure to live happy and get old.
Portrait of a Man
His ways are very outstanding,
Often he finds himself possessive and demanding.
He wants what he wants-and that's the way it is!
Whatever it might be
He will not cease until it is his!
Portrait of a Man
Inside of his heart is a fire waiting to burn;
From his desire he learns and yearns.
His life is spent with the greatest of hope,
Which expands his horizons
And enabling him with sought after dreams; to always Cope!
Portrait of a Man
Always seeking to do his best,
So he knows this is the only way he can find rest.
Portrait of a Man
The best thing he can do is follow his first mind;
This takes him out of the dark where all was blind.

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