US Navy F-4 Phantom II MiG Killers 1965-70

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November 2001



For every American fighter pilot involved in the Vietnam War, the ultimate goal was to 'kill a MiG'. In eight years of conflict 43 Vietnamese Peoples Air Force aircraft were claimed by US Navy and US Marine Corps Phantom II crews, and one single ace crew produced. Navy Phantom IIs scored the first kills of the Vietnam War, in April 1965, as well as scoring the last in January 1973. This volume charts the successes of the navy fighter crews as they encountered 'MiGs, Missiles and AAA' over the jungles of North Vietnam.


Jim Laurier graduated with honours from the Paiers School of Art, Connecticut and has worked as a freelance illustrator ever since. Jim is a Fellow of the American Society of Aviation Artists, the New York Society of illustrators and the American Fighter Aces Association. Iain Wyllie is one of Britain's leading aviation cover artists. Since becoming a full-time aviation artist he has been responsible for creating over 40 cover artworks for Osprey's hugely successful Aircraft of the Aces and Combat Aircraft series. Brad Elward has broken into aviation journalism in the past two years, having had work published in such periodicals as 'World Air Power Journal'. This is his first book for Osprey.
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