The Big Book of Creativity Games

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September 2000



In the modern economy, where most workers are knowledge workers, creativity and innovation are the most easily sustainable competitive advantages. In "The Big Book of Creativity Games," Harvard trained psychologist Robert Epstein provides dozens of games and activities designed to stimulate creativity and generate innovation in the workplace.
Dr. Epstein describes the scientific principles of creativity that underlie the games, and how these principles can be applied to tasks like problem solving, new product development, and marketing. Timely and innovative, "The Big Book of Creativity Games" is the ideal book for managers to turn to whenever they need: Games that are easy to lead and fun to play Exercises that go far beyond standard brainstorming techniques Innovation jump-starters for team meetings and work groups


<H2> Getting Ready.<H3> The New Science and Technology of Creativity.<H3> How to Use This Book.<H2> The Games.<H3> The ABCs of Creativity.<H3> The Amazing Magazine Game.<H3> The Anonymous Suggestion Game.<H3> The Audience Game.<H3> Bridges to Creativity.<H3> Broadening: Design Challenge.<H3> Broadening: Workplace Challenge.<H3> The Broader the Better.<H3> Building a Better Capturing Machine.<H3> Capturing: Design Challenge.<H3> Capturing: Workplace Challenge.<H3> Capturing a Daydream.<H3> Challenging: Design Challenge.<H3> Challenging: Workplace Challenge.<H3> Creative Potential: Design Challenge.<H3> Creative Potential: Workplace Challenge.<H3> The Experts Game.<H3> Feedback and Recognition: Design Challenge.<H3> Feedback and Recognition: Workplace Challenge.<H3> The Keys to Creativity (Basic Version).<H3> The Keys to Creativity (Advanced Version).<H3> The Lola Cola Game.<H3> Managing Resources: Design Challenge.<H3> Managing Resources: Workplace Challenge.<H3> Managing Teams: Design Challenge.<H3> Managing Teams: Workplace Challenge.<H3> The Memory Game.<H3> The Monkey-Do Game.<H3> The News-You-Can-Use Game. <H3> The No-Hands Game.<H3> The Not-for-the-Fainthearted Game.<H3> The Odd Couple Game.<H3> The Popsicology Game.<H3> The Random Doodles Game.<H3> Selling a Zork.<H3> The Shifting Game.<H3> The Srtcdjgklered Game.<H3> Sticky Business.<H3> Surrounding: Design Challenge.<H3> Surrounding: Workplace Challenge.<H3> The Team as Quality Editor.<H3> The Tell-Me-a-Story Game.<H3> The Tiny Little Nod Game.<H3> The Toys-as-Tools Game.<H3> The Ultimate Challenge Game.<H3> The Waiting Design Game.<H3> What D'Ya Know?


Robert Epstein, Ph.D. (San Diego, CA) is Editor-in-Chief of Psychology Today, host of the magazine's nationally-syndicated radio show, and University Research Professor at United States International University. Dr. Epstein holds a Ph.D. from Harvard and his research has been reported in Time, The New York Times, and Discover. His popular articles have appeared in The Washington Post and Reader's Digest.
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