Evolutionary Anatomy of the Primate Cerebral Cortex

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April 2001



Review of brain evolution in primates including humans.


Preface; Prologue Stephen J. Gould; Introduction to Part I Kathleen Gibson; Part I. The Evolution of Brain Size: 1. Encephalization and its developmental structure: how many ways can a brain get big? Peter M. Kaskan and Barbara L. Finlay; 2. Neocortical expansion and elaboration during primate evolution: a view from neuroembryology Pasko Rakic and David R. Kornack; 3. In defense of the expensive tissue hypothesis Leslie C. Aiello, Nicola Bates and Tracey Joffe; 4. Bigger is better: primate brain size in relationship to cognition Kathleen Gibson, Duane Rumbaugh and Michael Beran; 5. The evolution of sex differences in primate brains Dean Falk; 6. Brain evolution in hominids: are we at the end of the road? Michel A. Hofman; Introduction to Part II Dean Falk; Part II. Neurological Substrates of Species-Specific Adaptations: 7. The discovery of cerebral diversity: an unwelcome scientific revolution Todd M. Preuss; 8. Pheromonal communication and socialization Brunetto Chiarelli; 9. Revisiting australopithecine visual striate cortex: newer data from chimpanzee and human brains suggest it could have been reduced during australopithecine times Ralph L. Holloway, Douglas C. Broadfield and Michael S. Yuan; 10. Structural symmetries and asymmetries in human and chimpanzee brains Emmanuel Gilissen; 11. Language areas of the hominid brain: a dynamic communicative shift on the upper east side planum Patrick J. Gannon, Nancy M. Kheck and Patrick R. Hof; 12. The promise and the peril in hominid brain evolution Phillip V. Tobias; 13. Advances in the study of hominid brain evolution: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and 3-D reconstruction Katerina Semendeferi; 14. Exo- and endocranial morphometrics in mid-Pleistocene and modern humans Katrin Schafer, Horst Seidler, Fred L. Bookstein, Hermann Prossinger, Dean Falk and Glenn Conroy; Epilogue: the study of primate brain evolution: where do we go from here? Harry Jerison.


"...a good deal of the book's contents will be familiar to the expert reader...an excellent choice for anyone who needs a survey of current evolutionary brain research." Current Anthropolgy
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