What Every Business Owner Should Know about Valuing Their Business

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November 2002



Packed with money-saving advice for business ownersThe First Practical Guide to Business Valuation Written for OwnersMost small business owners will at some point need a business valuation; and despite its importance to their financial future, few understand how these numbers are determined.In What Every Business Owner Should Know about Valuing Their Business, a team of valuation experts provides a plain-English explanation of what a valuation is, the primary valuation methods, and what owners can do to make sure that they are getting the right answers--presented in realistic case studies. These cases include valuable "lessons learned" drawn from the experiences of hundreds of business owners.This book levels the playing field for owners in dealing with potential buyers, business brokers, valuation consultants, or the IRS. When your business is your most valuable asset, it pays to be prepared!


Stan Feldman, Ph.D. is an associate professor of finance at Bentley College and chairman of the valuation firm bizownerHQ.

Tim Sullivan, Ph.D. is a professor of finance at Bentley College.

Roger Winsby is the president of bizownerHQ, a strategic partner of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the preferred provider of business valuation services for its members.

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