The Women's Room

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Marilyn French (1929 - 2009) was regarded as one of the greatest living feminist writers. Her controversial and provocative first novel THE WOMEN'S ROOM, published in 1977, sold 20 million copies worldwide and quickly became a classic of the women's movement. Marilyn French was also a literary critic. She died in May 2009.


'They said this book would change lives - and it certainly changed mine.' Jenni Murray 'The kind of book that changes lives' Fay Weldon *'Reading The Women's Room was an intense and wonderful experience. It is in my DNA' Kirsty Wark.*'The Women's Room took the lid off a seething mass of women's frustrations, resentments and furies; it was an angry book about the victimisation of women, about the need to change things from top to bottom; it was a declaration of independence' Observer
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