Cities, Peasants and Food in Classical Antiquity: Essays in Social and Economic History

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Januar 2004



This is a collection of essays in the social and economic history of Greece and Rome by a leading historian of classical antiquity. They are grouped in three overlapping sections, covering the economy and society of cities; peasants and the rural economy; and food supply and famine. The essays, all previously published, are presented together with bibliographical addenda by Walter Scheidel that summarize and assess scholarly reaction to the author's work. The range of subject matter and approach is wide and the treatment original and provocative.


Part I. Cities: 1. Aspects of the decline of the urban aristocracy in the empire; 2. Independent freedmen and the economy of Roman Italy under the Principate; 3. Economy and society of Mediolanum under the Principate; 4. Urban property investment in Roman society; 5. An association of builders in late antique Sardis; Part II. Peasants: 6. Peasants in ancient Roman society; 7. Where did Italian peasants live?; 8. Non-slave labour in the Roman world; 9. Prolegomenon to a study of the land in the later Roman empire; 10. Mountain economies in southern Europe; Part III. Food: 11. Grain for Athens; 12. The yield of the land in ancient Greece; 13. The bean: substance and symbol; 14. Mass diet and nutrition in the city of Rome; 15. Child rearing in ancient Italy; 16. Famine in history.


'The conventions illuminated by G.'s reding of the sources are remarkable, and it is instructive to follow his analysis of the evidence, buttressed by judicious and critical application of comparative materials and anthropological ... the reader has been served a savory meal full of insightful observations and plenty of appetizers'. Scripta Classica Israelica
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