Living Allergy Free

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In this commonsense book, Dr. Gershwin and Dr. Klingelhofer offer sensible, practical strategies for identifying the substances that cause allergies (allergens), the symptoms they cause, ways exposure to allergens can be avoided or reduced, and ways you can relieve the symptoms. Living Allergy Free also treats some reactions that are commonly assumed to be allergies, but are really sensitivity or irritant reactions, shows how they can be distinguished from true allergies, and tells you what to do about them. If you suffer from allergies-or if you think you do-Living Allergy Free is just what the doctor would order!


1 How What You Eat, Drink, Touch, or Breathe Can Make You Sick.- 1 Allergens and Irritants.- What They Are, How They Can Make You Sick, and the Sicknesses They Trigger.- 2 Allergic and Irritant Reactions.- 2 What Allergens Are and Why People Have Allergies.- Their Prevalence, Persistence, Severity, and Manageability.- 3 Irritants and Acquired Defects in Immunity.- Their Effects, Prevalence, Severity, and Manageability.- 3 Locating Causes for and Avoiding Allergic or Irritant Reactions.- 4 Strategies for Locating the Causes of Allergic or Irritant Reactions.- 5 Strategies for Avoiding Causes of Allergic or Irritant Reactions.- 4 Carriers of Allergens and Irritants.- 6 The Food You Eat.- Composition-Principal Food Offenders and the Problems They Cause; Additives and Contaminants.- 7 The Air You Breathe.- Pollens, Dust, Dander, Mold, Pollutants.- 8 The Water You Drink.- and Other Liquids.- 9 The Things You Touch or Are Touched By.- Plants, Leather, Fur, Fabrics, Chemicals.- 5 Creating and Maintaining Allergen-and Irritant-Free Environments.- 10 Establishing and Maintaining a Sound, Safe Diet.- Including Discussions of Vitamins, Fads, Avoiding Word Traps Like "Natural," "Organic," "Artificial," and so on.- 11 Building a Safe House.- 12 Inside the Home.- Common Causes of Problems, the Problems They Cause, Environmental Management Devices and Strategies for Old and New Dwellings.- 13 At Work.- Substances and Technologies Causing Problems and How to Avoid Their Effects.- 14 In Health Care Settings.- 15 Travel, School, and On the Road.- 16 Sick Building Syndromes.- 6 Help Sources and Resources.- 17 Private and Public Sources of Help.- Allergists, Dermatologists, Pulmonary Specialists, Neurologists, Industrial Health Consultants, HESIS, OSHA, Workers Compensation, Insurance Carriers, Employer Health and Safety Officer, and so on.


Gershwin and Klingelhofer approach the subject from a broader perspective than is usual and incorporate some information not frequently explored.-Booklist
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