The Ottoman Empire and Early Modern Europe

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April 2002



Daniel Goffman's lucid and accessible book examines Ottoman relations with Europe in the Early Modern period.


1. Introduction: Ottomancentrism and the West; 2. Fabricating the Ottoman State; 3. A seasoned polity; 4. Factionalism and insurrection; 5. The Ottoman-Venetian Association; 6. Commerce and diasporas; 7. A changing station in Europe; 8. Conclusion: the greater western world.


Daniel Goffman is Professor of History at Ball State University. His publications include Izmir and the Levantine World, 1550-1650 (1990), Britons in the Ottoman Empire, 1642-1660 (1998) and The Ottoman City Between East and West: Istanbul, Izmir and Aleppo, with Edhem Eldem and Bruce Masters (1999). He is currently editor of the Middle East Studies Association Bulletin.


'His typically rich and thought-provoking book will be vital reading for all those interested in enriching and bolstering constructive dialogue between Islam and the West.' Discourse 'His text is suffused with an impassioned plea for recognition ... a deft restatement of familiar topics that is both original and accessible ... Goffman's new book convincingly shows that the history of the Ottoman Empire desperately needs re-telling ... The Ottoman Empire and early modern Europe contributes to one of the most urgent historical tasks of our time ...'. School of Oriental & African Studies
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