The the Practice of Cultural Analysis: Exposing Interdisciplinary Interpretation

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Mai 1999



This volume presents an interdisciplinary approach to humanistic scholarship situated somewhere between cultural studies and cultural history. Cultural analysis as a critical practice is based on a keen awareness of the critic's situatedness in the present and devoted to understanding the past as part of
the present. Thus it can be summarized as "cultural memory in the present."


Introduction Mieke Bal; Prelude: dia-logic - a dialogue in images between Edwin Janssen and Janneke Lam Janneke Lam; Part I. Don't Look Now: Visual Memory in the Present: 1. The finishing touch Evelyn Fox Keller; 2. Vermeer's women: shifting paradigms in mid career Nanette Salomon; 3. 'Le cinema d'apres Lumiere: rereading the 'origins' of the filmic image Thomas Elsaesser; 4. Killing men and dying women: gesture and sexual difference Griselda Pollock; 5. Imagining the 'Shtetl': visual theories of nationhood Carol Zemel; 6. The veils of time: on the historical dimensions in cultural analysis Stephen Bann; Part II. Close-ups and Mirrors: The Return of Close Reading, with a Difference: 7. Venice and the violence of location Helga Geyer-Ryan; 8. Affective reading: loss of self in Djuna Barnes's 'nightwood' Ernst van Alphen; 9. History and/as cultural analysis: Gibbon and Ovid Frank R. Ankersmit; 10. 'Is this Naomi?': misreading, gender blurring and the biblical story of Ruth J. Cheryl Exum; 11. Three local cases of cross-Atlantic reading: a discussion on space and identity Isabel Hoving; 12. Variety and standard Siegfried Zielinski; Part III. Method Matters: Reflections on the Identity of Cultural Analysis: 13. Culture and critique Johannes Fabian; 14. Cultural variety and metaphysical unity Louis Depre; 14. Desire, distance and insight Theo de Boer; 15. Cultural analysis and the ghost of 'Geistesgeschichte' John Neubauer; 16. The techno-university and the future of knowledge: thoughts after Lyotard Jon Cook; Double afterwords: Why interdisciplinarity isn't enough William P. Germano; What is cultural studies? Jonathan Culler; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Mieke Bal is Professor of Literary Theory at the University of Amsterdam and co-founder of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Theory, and Interpretation. The most recent of her many books is "The Mottled Screen: Reading Proust Visually" (Stanford, 1997).
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