The Spanish Civil War: A Very Short Introduction

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Amid the many catastrophes of the twentieth century, the Spanish Civil War continues to exert a particular fascination among history buffs and the lay-reader alike. This Very Short Introduction integrates the political, social and cultural history of the Spanish Civil War. It sets out the domestic and international context of the war for a general readership. In addition to tracing the course of war, the book locates the war's origins in the cumulative social and cultural anxieties provoked by a process of rapid, uneven and accelerating modernism taking place all over Europe. This shared context is key to the continued sense of the war's importance. The book also examines the myriad of political polemics to which the war has given rise, as well as all of the latest historical debates. It assesses the impact of the war on Spain's transition to democracy and on the country's contemporary political culture.


1. Introduction: the origins of Spain's civil war ;
2. Rebellion, revolution, and repression ;
3. Mobilise and survive: the Republic at war ;
4. The making of Rebel Spain ;
5. The Republic besieged ;
6. Defeat and victory: the wars after the war ;
7. The uses of history ; Chronology ; References ; Further Reading


Helen Graham is Professor of Spanish History at Royal Holloway, University of London. She has published widely on the Spanish left in the 1930s and is the author of The Spanish Republic at War 1936-1939 (Cambridge University, 2002), a major re-assessment of the left during the civil war. She is currently researching Spanish prisons in the 1940s as part of a social history of early Francoism. She also co-edited (with Jo Labanyi) and contributed to SpanishCultural Studies: An Introduction (Oxford University Press, 1996).


Provocative and illuminating in equal measure, every sentence...is packed with thought and meaning. Paul Preston, BBC History Magazine. Small but impressive Soldier Magazine
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