Excellent Public Relations and Effective Organizations: A Study of Communication Management in Three Countries

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August 2002



This volume discusses theory and data on the value of public relations and relationships. It is developed for scholars, researchers, students, & professionals in public relations & communications management.


Contents: Preface. Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management: A Review of the Theory and Results. Methodology of the Excellence Study. Isolating the Excellence Factor. The Value of Public Relations. Empowerment of the Public Relations Function. Communicator Roles. Organization of the Communication Function, Relationship to Other Management Functions, and Use of Consulting Firms. Models of Public Relations. The Origins, Management, and Outcomes of Programs for Key Publics. Activism and the Environment. Inside the Organization: Culture, Structure, Systems of Internal Communication, Job Satisfaction, Gender, and Diversity. New Directions for Research Suggested by the Excellence Study. Appendices: Questionnaires for Heads of Public Relations Departments. Questionnaire for CEO or Other Member of the Dominant Coalition. Employee Questionnaire. Qualitative Interview Protocol.
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