Representative Words: Politics, Literature, and the American Language, 1776 1865

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Thomas Gustafson examines how and why Americans renewed and developed the tradition of writing connecting political disorders and the corruption of language between the ages of the Revolutionary and the Civil Wars.


Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part I. The American Logocracy: The Nexus of Word and Act: 1. Political and linguistic representation: confidence or distrust?; 2. Language and legal constitutions: the problem of change and who governs; Part II. Political and Linguistic Corruption: The Ideological Inheritance: 3. The classical pattern: from the order or Orpheus to the chaos of the Thucydidean moment; 4. The Christian typology: From Eden to Babel to Pentecost; 5. Eloquence, liberty, and power: civic humanism and the counter-renaissance; 6. The enlightenment project: language reform and political order; Part III. The American Language of Revolution and Constitutional Change: 7. The language of revolution: combating misrepresentation with the pen and tongue; 8. The grammar of politics: the constitution; Part IV. From Logomachy to Civil War: The Politics of Language in Post-Revolutionary America; 9. The unsettled language: schoolmasters vs. truants; 10. Corrupt language and a corrupt body politic, or the disunion of words and things; 11. Sovereign words vs. representative men; Afterword; Notes; Index.


"Thomas Gustafson's Representative Words is a sweeping summary of American writing about language between the Revolution and the Civil War. It is, among other things, a wonderful source...The book is a gold mine of information." Journal of American History "A short review cannot begin to do justice to the wealth of information and insights provided by Gustafson's wide-ranging study." Robert S. Levine, Journal of the Early Republic "There is an immense amount of reading in this book, and the work Gustafson has done will prove very helpful to others who want to travel his route." David Simpson, Studies in Romanticism
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