Leonard Bloomfield: Essays on His Life & Work

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Januar 1987



These essays were brought together to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Leonard Bloomfield (1887-1949), one of the most outstanding and influential linguists of the twentieth century. The contributions have been grouped in three sections according to their relevance to his work, and deal, respectively, with his personality, his theoretical stance, and his fields of study. The papers in this volume were previously published in Historiographia Linguistics 14:1/2 (1987), to which has been added an index of names containing biographical dates.


1. Prefatory Remarks, pix; 2. I. Bloomfield's Personality; 3. My Recollections of Leonard Bloomfield (by Despres, Leon M.), p3; 4. The Small Mythologies of Leonard Bloomfield (by Sayers, Frances Clarke), p15; 5. The Whimsical Bloomfield (by Cowan, J Milton), p23; 6. Letters from Bloomfield to Michelson and Sapir (by Hockett, Charles F.), p39; 7. Bloomfield the Man (by Hall, Jr., Robert A.), p61; 8. II. Bloomfield's Theoretical Stance; 9. Bloomfield and Historical Linguistics (by Hoenigswald, Henry M.), p73; 10. The Influence of Panini on Leonard Bloomfield (by Rogers, David E.), p89; 11. Bloomfield as Dialectologist (by Moulton, William G.), p139; 12. Bloomfield and Semantics (by Hall, Jr., Robert A.), p155; 13. III. Bloomfield's Fields of Study; 14. Bloomfield as an Indo-Europeanist (by Lehmann, Winfred P.), p163; 15. Bloomfield as an Austronesianist (by Wolff, John U.), p173; 16. Leonard Bloomfield's Descriptive and Comparative Studies of Algonquian (by Goddard, Ives), p179; 17. IV. Bibliography; 18. A New Leonard Bloomfield Bibliography (by Hockett, Charles F.), p221; 19. Index, p235
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