Performance Tuning and Optimizing ASP.NET Applications

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April 2003



The authors make performance issues the central topic, with very in-depth discussion and examples.


  1. Introducing Performance Tuning and Optimization
  2. Introducing ASP.NET Applications
  3. Writing Optimized Data Access Code
  4. Optimizing Application and Session State Management
  5. Caching ASP.NET Applications
  6. Writing Optimized Web Services
  7. Stress Testing and Monitoring ASP.NET Applications
  8. Debugging and Tracing ASP.NET Applications


Jeffrey Hasan has been a developer, consultant, and author specializing in Windows and Web development using a wide range of Microsoft technologies. Hasan currently leads the Web development group at InfoQuest Systems, Inc., which provides business intelligence tools for the cable, network, and motion picture industries. Hasan and his team are in their sixth month of developing a Web-based application using ASP.NET, which includes traditional Web forms plus XML Web Services. Hasan is a contributing author to several Wrox Press books, including most recently, Professional .NET Framework and ADO.NET Programmer's Reference. He has written a number of magazine articles on Web development, including several articles for Advisor Media. Hasan has worked with .NET since RC-1, and maintains many months of experience developing ASP.NET applications and XML Web services. In his own professional life with ASP.NET he is working through advanced issues, and remains very interested in sharing some of the insights he has gained into how best to work with this technology. Additionally Hasan maintains a Master's degree from Duke University, and is Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD). Kenneth Tu - Kenneth Tu has been a developer, architect, and consultant for companies in the software and financial industries. His primary focus is on Windows and Web development using Microsoft technologies. He is currently developing enterprise web applications for Onyx Acceptance Corporation, a specialized consumer finance company. With the advent of Visual Studio .NET, he has concentrated on two programming languages, C# and Visual Basic .NET. Kenneth has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Irvine. He currently lives in Southern California and spends his free time explorin
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