Children, Childhood and English Society, 1880 1990

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November 2003



This book is intended to be a guide to the burgeoning literature on the history of childhood. Harry Hendrick reviews the most important debates and main findings of a number of historians on a range of topics including the changing social constructions of childhood, child-parent relations, social policy, schooling, leisure and the thesis that modern childhood is "disappearing." The intention of this concise study is to provide readers with a reliable account of the evolution of some of the most important developments in adult-child relations during the past one hundred years. The author draws his material not only from historians but also from sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and children's rights activists.


Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. New ideas of childhood c. 1880-1920s; 3. Parent-child relations; 4. Children and social policies; 5. Children, schooling and the classroom; 6. Children's leisure; 7. Conclusion: disappearing childhood and children's rights; 8. Select bibliography.


"This book provides an overview of the current literature on the history of children and childhood in modern England ...the book does provide considerable insight into the recent scholarship on childhood in England." Canadian Journal of History
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