The Iliad

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August 1987



'In Robert Fagles' beautifully rendered text, the Iliad overwhelms us afresh. The huge themes--godlike, yet utterly human--of savagery and calculation, of destiny defied, of triumph and grief compel our own humanity. Time after time, one pauses and re-reads before continuing. Fagles' voice is always that of a poet and scholar of our own age as he conveys the power of Homer. Robert Fagles and Bernard Knox are to be congratulated and praised on this admirable work.


The background to "The Iliad";
the theme of "The Iliad";
a critical summary of "The Iliad";
a note on names. "The Iliad": book 1 - the anger of Achilleus;
book 2 - the catalogue of ships;
book 3 - Paris, Helen, Aphrodite;
book 4 - the breaking of the truce;
book 5 - Diomedes triumphant;
book 6 - Hektor in Troy;
book 7 - duel of Hektor and Aias;
book 8 - Trojan success;
book 9 - the embassy to Achilleus;
book 10 - night operations;
book 11 - Achaian retreat;
book 12 - the assault on the wall;
book 13 - the Achains rally;
book 14 - the seduction of Zeus;
book 15 - fighting at the ships;
book 16 - the death of Patroklos;
book 17 - the battle over Patroklos;
book 18 - Thetis, Achilleus, and new armour;
book 19 - Achilleus and Agamemnon reconciled;
book 20 - the return of Achilleus;
book 21 - the battle of the Gods;
book 22 - the death of Hektor;
book 23 - funeral games for Patroklos;
book 24 - Achilleus and Priam.



The Greeks attributed both the Iliad and the Odyssey to a single poet whom they named Homer. Nothing is known of his life, though the main ancient tradition made him a native of the island of Chios in east Aegean. His date too is uncertain: most modern scholars place the composition of the Iliad in the second half of the eighth century BC. Martin Hammond has taught in England and in Greece. He has also translated the Odyssey. He is now Headmaster of Tonbridge School
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