Jewish Inscriptions of Graeco-Roman Egypt

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April 2004



This book collects all known Jewish inscriptions in Egypt between the third century BC and the sixth century AD. The entry on each inscription provides text, translation, bibliography and commentary. Hitherto, it has been necessary to refer to an older collection (1952, but essentially pre-war) together with a separately-published revision (1964), with very limited indexing. Here the aim has been to include inscriptions not in the earlier collection, to bring together the necessary information on each inscription, and to supply full indexing. The inscriptions form a vivid primary source for Jewish history and religion.


Preface; Introduction; Inscriptions; Appendix 1: inscriptions not considered to be Jewish; Appendix 2: inscriptions from outside Egypt; Appendix 3: Jewish names in Pagan inscriptions; Indexes to the inscriptions of Egypt; Indexes to the inscriptions of Cyrenaica; Bibliography; Abbreviations; Concordance with CIJ and CPJ; Plates.
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