Eubulus: The Fragments

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Dr Hunter presents here a critical edition, with Introduction and explanatory commentary, of the fragments of Eubulus, a comic poet of the fourth century B.C. This is the first modern edition in any language of the fragments of any poet of the so-called Middle Comedy (that is, the comedy of the central part of the fourth century). The introduction discusses not only Eubulus' life and work, but also the genre of Middle Comedy as a whole and the commentary is particularly concerned with tracing in the fragments themes which are found also in both the earlier comedy of Aristophanes and the later works of Menander, Plautus and Terence. This book will be of value to those interested in ancient comedy and its development during the Hellenistic period.


Preface; Abbreviations and bibliography; Introduction; Sigla Codicum Athenaei; Text; Commentary; Indexes.
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