Modeling Disease Transmission and Its Prevention by Disinfection

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August 2004



This reference work describes the routes by which disease causing microorganisms are transmitted and how disease transmission is prevented by disinfection and control of microbial growth. The first part of this book addresses the processes of infectious disease transmission and prevention. The second section specifically deals with the prevention of infectious diseases that are transmitted by water or food. The third part considers disease transmission by aerosols, environmental surfaces and medical devices. The final four chapters describe some essential mechanisms of disinfection. Throughout this volume, experts demonstrate how our ability to model the processes of disease transmission and disinfection helps us understand them.


Preface; 1. The transmission and prevention of disease C. J. Hurst and P. A. Murphy; 2. Strategies for modeling microbial colonization of the human body in health and disease R. A. Ross and M T Lee; 3. Role of pathogen monitoring in microbial risk assessment J. B. Rose, J. T. Lisle and C. N. Haas; 4. Estimating the risk of acquiring infectious disease from ingestion of water C. J. Hurst, R. M. Clark and S. E. Regli; 5. Bacterial resistance to potable water disinfectants M. H. Stewart and B. H. Olson; 6. Preventing foodborne infectious disease C. J. Hurst; 7. Disinfection of microbial aerosols S. Clark and P. Scarpino; 8. Transmission of viral infections through animate and inanimate surfaces and infection control through chemical disinfection S. A. Sattar and V. S. Springthorpe; 9. The role of chemical disinfectants in controlling bacterial contaminants on environmental surfaces D. J. Gaber, T. M. Cusack and E. Scott; 10. Sterilization and disinfection of medical devices A. B. Margolin and V. C. Chamberlain; 11. Ultraviolet light disinfection of water and wastewater P. F. Roessler and B. F. Severin; 12. Thermal inactivation of microorganisms G. Le Jean and G. Abraham; Index.


Review of the hardback: ' ... well written, and each chapter is extensively referenced'. The Journal of Medical Microbiology
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