PIC Robotics: A Beginner's Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PIC Micro

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Januar 2004



Here's everything the robotics hobbyist needs to harness the power of the PICMicro MCU!In this heavily-illustrated resource, author John Iovine provides plans and complete parts lists for 11 easy-to-build robots each with a PICMicro "brain." The expertly written coverage of the PIC Basic Computer makes programming a snap -- and lots of fun.


Chapter 1. Robot Intelligence
Chapter 2. Installing the Compiler
Chapter 3. Installing THE EPIC Software
Chapter 4. CodeDesigner
Chapter 5. Using DOS to Code, Compile, and Program
Chapter 6. Testing the PIC Microcontroller
Chapter 7. Intelligence
Chapter 8. Walter's Turtle
Chapter 9. Braitenberg Vehicles
Chapter 10. Hexapod Walker
Chapter 11. Speech Recognition
Chapter 12. Robotic Arm
Chapter 13. Bi-Pedal Walker Robot
Chapter 14. Robotic Vision SystemSuppliersIndex


John Iovine is the author of several popular TAB titles that explore the frontiers of scientific research. He wrote the cult classic Robots, Androids, and Animatrons, as well as Homemade Holograms: The Complete Guide to Inexpensive, Do-It-Yourself Holography; Kirlian Photography: A Hands-On Guide; Fantastic Electronics: Build Your Own Negative-Ion Generator and Other Projects; and A Step into Virtual Reality.
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