The Making of Textual Culture

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April 1994



A major study of the implications of grammatica for literary theory and textual culture in the medieval West.


List of illustrations; Prefece; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Grammatica: a historical and methodological introduction; 1. The formation of grammatica within classical discursive practices; 2. The developing model of grammatica in the Roman and early medieval world; 3. Linguistic foundations; 4. Enarratio I: commentaries on Vergil from Donatus to Fulgentius; 5. Grammatica and the formation of medieval textual communities: Alexandria to Isidore of Seville; 6. Enarratio II: interpretation and the grammar of allegory; 7. Grammatica and textual culture in Anglo-Saxon England and Carolingian Europe; 8. The genres of grammatical culture and manuscript textuality; 9. The implications of grammatical culture in Anglo-Saxon England; 10. Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Indexes.


"The book is hugely comprehensive, drawing on a wide bibliography and some materials available only in manuscript. It is a very useful reference work." Nicolette Zeeman, Studies in the Age of Chaucer "His excellent study of this authorized method of reading does for the early Middle Ages what the work of scholars such as Judson Allen, Rita Copeland, Douglas Kelly, Alastair Minnis, and Marjorie Curry Woods has done for the later Middle Ages...It is essential reading for anyonne who seeks to understand the otherness of medieval litertaure." Martin Camargo, Modern Philology "This is an excellent book, a very important book which should be read or at least consulted by all students of the Middle Ages..." Manuscripta
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