T. S. Eliot and American Philosophy: The Harvard Years

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Mai 2004



Manju Jain traces the genesis of Eliot's major literary, religious and intellectual preoccupations in his early work as a student of philosophy, and explores its influence on his poetic and critical practice.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Eliot and unitarianism; 2. Eliot and Harvard: 'An Attenuated Santayana'?; 3. Eliot, Babbitt, and Paris; 4. The 'Golden Age' of American Studies: Eliot's early philosophical studies; 5. Josiah Royce's seminar; 6. The 'varieties' of psychological and mystical experience; 7. Eliot, Bradley and Knowledge and Experience: 'that magnificent vision, into the apparent chaos'; Conclusion; Appendix; List of courses taken by Eliot while at Harvard; Notes; Bibliography.


"Manju Jain does a remarkable job showing how serious Eliot really was about philosophy, and how much talent he had in this area. Jain provides a strikingly comprehensive bibliography, as well as an appendix listing the courses Eliot took while at Harvard. This is an excellent starting point for study of his writings, and from Jain's portrayal there seems to be a great deal of interesting material waiting to be discovered. Besides cultivating an interest in looking at Eliot's work as a philosopher, her book also shows the depth of the turn of the century philosophical milieu at Harvard...Manju Jain has opened the door to an exciting new range of possibilities." Matthew Stephens, Canadian Philosophical Reviews
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