Soviet Foreign Policy in Transition

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The late twentieth century witnessed remarkable changes in Soviet domestic and foreign policy.


List of tables; Preface; Introduction; Part I. The Soviet Union and the International Political System: 1. Soviet reform in international perspective; Part II. The Soviet Union And Europe: 2. The changing Soviet-East European relationship; 3. Soviet-Nordic relations in the era of perestroika and new thinking; 4. Soviet signals to the mordic countries during the Lithuanian crisis of 1990; 5. Neutrality and new thinking; Part III. The Soviet Union and the Developing World: Global Trends: 6. From new thinking to the fragmentation of consensus in Soviet foreign policy: the USSR and the developing world; 7. Soviet new thinking on national liberation movements: continuity and change; Part IV. The Soviet Union and the Developing World: Regional and Country Case Studies: 8. Soviet policy in Central America during the Gorbachev period; 9. The Soviet reassessment of socialist orientation and the African response; 10. Soviet policy in the Middle East: Gorbachev's imprint; 11. The implications of perestroika for the Third World, particularly Asia; 12. The Soviet Union and Indochina; 13. Gorbachev's Southeast Asia policy: new thinking for a new era?; 14. The impact of Gorbachev's new thinking on Soviet policy toward South Korea; Part V. Conclusion: 15. The paradox in new political thinking in Soviet foreign policy; Index.
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