Shakespeare and the Book

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September 2004



This book is a authoritative account of Shakespeare's plays as they were transformed from scripts to be performed into books to be read, and eventually from popular entertainment into the centerpieces of the English literary canon. Kastan examines the motives and activities of Shakespeare's first publishers; the curious eighteenth-century schizophrenia that saw Shakespeare radically modified on stage at the very moment that scholars were working to establish and restore the "genuine" texts, and the exhilarating possibilities of electronic media for presenting Shakespeare now to new generations of readers. This is an important contribution to Shakespearean textual scholarship, to the history of the early English book trade, and to the theory of drama itself.


1. Introduction; 2. From playhouse to printing house: or, making a good impression; 3. From quarto to folio: or, size matters; 4. From contemporary to classic: or, textual healing; 5. From codex to computer: or, presence of mind.


David Scott Kastan is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. He is a specialist on Shakespeare and early modern culture. His most recent book is Shakespeare After Theory (1999) and his other publications include Shakespeare and the Shapes of Time (1981), Staging the Renaissance (1991, edited with Peter Stallybrass), Critical Essays on Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' (1995), The New History of Early English Drama (1997, edited with John Cox, and winner of the 1998 ATHE award for the best book on theatre history), and A Companion to Shakespeare (1999).


'... a concise and very readable account ... a very rewarding read.' Shakespeare at the Centre 'Shakespeare and the Book is a joy to read. It is lucid, clear, and often humorous, and it takes us effortlessly through the story of Shakespeare's plays in print.' Shakespeare's Globe 'David Scott Kastan's travels through the history of Shakespeare's ghostly textual presence will inform the neophyte, provoke the expert, and entertain all.' Notes & Queries
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