T. S. Eliot and Indic Traditions: A Study in Poetry and Belief

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Juni 2003



An exploration of Eliot's lifelong interest in Indic philosophy and religion.


Preface; Acknowledgments; List of abbreviations; Part I. Sources and Traditions: 1. Tradition and the individual reader; 2. Hindu traditions; 3. Buddhist traditions; Part II. Communities of Interpretation: 4. Philosophical issues; 5. Religious points of view; 6. Literary influences; Part III. Metaphysics and Wisdom: 7. Metaphysics in The Waste Land; 8. Wisdom in Four Quartets; Index.


Cleo Kearns is a teacher, scholar and writing coach based in Vermont and New York. A graduate of Smith College (BA) and Columbia University (PhD) she is the author of this book and The Virgin Mary, Monotheism and Sacrifice, both published by Cambridge University Press. She edits and reviews for a number of journals in the fields of cultural studies and comparative religion, and has taught composition, literature, literary theory and philosophy at the college and graduate levels at (among others) New York University, Rutgers University and Princeton Theological Seminary.
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