Stability and Safety of Ships: Regulation and Operation

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Dezember 2003



A stability accident is one of the worst things that can happen to a ship. This two-volume set brings together the mass of information available in one practical reference and is essential reading to all concerned with the prevention against capsizing. *Focuses on the regulatory, operational aspects of intact stability*Provides a detailed review of research and results in the field*Facilitates the confident application of methods to new ship designs


Volume 1: Regulation and Operation Part 1:Development of Stability Standards; Historical development and basic stability concepts, Development and present status of stability standards, Standards based on the consideration of heeling moments, Statistical methods of developing stability standards, Probabilistic approach to the development of stability standards, Model tests of capsizing, Stability regulations - future outlook. Part 2: Operational Aspects of Stability and Safety; Operational stability - hydrostatics and hydrodynamics, Sea environment, Roll excitation and influence of speed and heading, Resonance and large roll motion, Forces due to roll motion, Measurement and accuracy of stability status, Safety management and operational requirements.


"At present this book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of knowledge on the subject." Jeffrey M.Falzarano (SNAME News) On Professor Kobylinski, "He has been involved in stability related research for many years and is completely knowledgeable in this specific aspect. He traces the development of stability rules from the very beginning to the present day. He clearly explains the physical background and assumptions used in developing these rules in order to understand their limitations and application." Jeffrey M.Falzarano (SNAME News)
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