PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA

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November 2004



* The only book that covers the latest versions of the PeopleSoft tools and the Tuxedo application server.

* One of the very few resources that is specific to the Oracle database, rather than being database generic.

* Written by a recognized expert, who has based the book on his extensive experience administering and performance-tuning PeopleSoft systems.


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Having studied Physics at UCL, Kurtz was introduced to Oracle in 1989 and spent 6 years in a software house as an Oracle Developer/DBA, working on assurance and insurance software. In 1996, Kurtz joined PeopleSoft in the UK, starting out in support and gradually moving into consultancy, over several years. Since there was virtually no internal documentation about how PeopleSoft related to the database, Kurtz began learning it by himself. This led to fixing performance problems in PeopleSoft systems. Soon enough, Kurtz was spending all of his time on performance-related consultancy.
Kurtz left PeopleSoft in 2000, and set up Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd. (www.go-faster.co.uk), providing performance and technical consultancy to PeopleSoft users. Since then, Kurtz has learned to apply principles of wait-based tuning to the database, and to the PeopleSoft layers atop the database. Kurtz has been a member of the UK Oracle User Group since 1994, and became chairman of the Unix SIG in 2000. He presents regularly at PeopleSoft and UKOUG conferences and SIG meetings. After a roundtable discussion at a PeopleSoft conference in 2002, Kurtz started the lively PeopleSoft DBA Forum on yahoo, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/psftdba/.

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