Genetic Privacy: A Challenge to Medico-Legal Norms

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Mai 2004



The issue of rights to genetic information is considered in this study from the standpoint of individuals, their relatives, employers, insurers and the state. Graeme Laurie provides a concept of privacy and property rights for the person, and argues for stronger legal protection following new developments in genetics. This book will interest lawyers, philosophers and doctors concerned with genetic information and issues of privacy, as well as genetic counselors, researchers and policy makers worldwide for its practical position on dilemmas in modern genetic medicine.


Preface; Table of cases; Table of legislation; International instruments; Miscellaneous documents; Part I. Privacy: The General Part: 1. Health care, patient rights and privacy; 2. Privacy: anti-social concept or fundamental right? Part II. Genetic Knowledge: The Existing Models: 3. Human genetics and genetic privacy; 4. Autonomy, confidentiality and privacy; Part III. A New Privacy Paradigm: 5. Privacy and the public interest; 6. Privacy and property?; Index.


Graeme Laurie is senior lecturer in Law at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include the role of the law in promoting and protecting science, medicine and technology. He is a co-director of SCRIPT (the Scottish Centre for Research in Intellectual Property and Technology) and convener of a World Health Organisation working group.


'Graeme Laurie, of Edinburgh University, has put together this intriguing book to consider this concentrated area of privacy involving genetics. ... This book is a fascinating contribution at a time when individuals are not only mindful of their privacy and security but are also fearful of those agencies who could exploit emerging knowledge to their disadvantage. All who have an interest in privacy, in both its general and specialised aspects, should read this book.' New Law Journal '... useful and timely text.' Legal Studies 'Laurie's meticulous scholarship has produced a book which will be compulsory reading for policy-makers and scholars in the burgeoning field of genetic privacy.' Bio-Science Law Review
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