All Flesh Is Grass: The Pleasures and Promises of Pasture Farming

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November 2004



Gene Logsdon believes pastoral farming is the solution for a stressed agricultural system. In All Flesh Is Grass, he explains historically effective practices and new techniques that have blossomed in recent years for the sustainable care of horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, and poultry. Logsdon's warm profiles of successful grass farmers offer inspiration and ideas. His narrative is enriched by his experience as a "contrary farmer" on his own artisan-scale farm.The culmination of a lifetime's experience, this book is vital for owners of small acreages, home food producers, horse enthusiasts, and sustainable commercial farmers.


Gene Logsdon has written more than twenty books on farming and rural life and has a wide following. He lives on a small, diversified farm near Upper Sandusky, Ohio.


"In an era of growing concerns about our food, Gene Logsdon offers a practical way to steer American agriculture in a direction that ensures a livelihood for family farmers, takes care of the land, and provides fresh, healthy food for all. Over the years, industrial farming methods and grain-based livestock operations have led to the decline of family farm agriculture. All Flesh is Grass is a how-to manifesto for family farmers and food activists alike committed to taking back control of our food and farms." - Willie Nelson, President and Founder, Farm Aid"All Flesh is Grass explains the immense benefits of taking our livestock out of the feedlots and raising them in a natural setting on their native diets. It's all there: the history, the politics, the practices, and the passion." - Jo Robinson, creator of www.eatwild.com
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